April 23, 2024
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Winter Workout Tips: 6 Easy In-House Workout Ideas

Winter Workout Tips: A study done by the University of Montana found that indoor workouts are almost 32% more efficient than outdoor workouts to maintain your core body temperature.

Winters are the most dreaded season of the year. It is cold and gloomy, and we all want to stay indoors as much as possible. But with each passing day, one thing that keeps us motivated to go out is our fitness regime. It keeps you warm, provides an outlet for your stress, and makes sure that you don’t lose hope from being trapped under blankets because of the cold weather conditions.

There is no doubt that regular exercise is good for your health. Exercising has numerous benefits, and you should include it in your daily routine. And in winters you can combine the benefits of exercising with a reduction in the cost of heating. You can achieve this by doing an indoor workout. Indoor workouts are a surprisingly good alternative to outdoor workouts, and they have their advantages. When you exercise indoors, you need to use fewer calories to produce the same heat as when exercising outside.

A study done by the University of Montana found that indoor workouts are almost 32% more efficient than outdoor workouts to maintain your core body temperature. This is even more incentive to exercise during winters when you can save on your heating bill at the same time as working out.

In winters, the in-house workout is better than going to gyms as, firstly, the air outside might be icy cold, but if you’ve got a heated home, it won’t matter. Secondly, staying at home means that you don’t have to contend with the vast crowds of people who frequent gyms during this time of year.

Thirdly there are no traffic or parking issues! Fourthly, indoor exercise is much better for your health than outdoor exercise due to the lack of pollution and exercise-related injuries caused by ice or frost on the ground. To keep yourself motivated, one could take the help of their favorite music. So by starting your workout with music, you can get yourself going and keep your spirits high throughout the exercise.

The wind and snow, sleet, and hail of the winter season come with a price: if we head outdoors for our exercise, we go through it — even if we bundle up.

Here’s a List of Activities You Can do Indoors in Winter

  1. Jumping jacks are an aerobic exercise you can do in your living room without too much disruption to the décor
  2. Wall push-ups are not only great for building upper body strength, but they also work your core muscles.
  3. Plank exercises are great for strengthening your core muscles and working on your balance. You can do this exercise with either hands or forefingers and toes
  4. Yoga is an excellent workout for both mind and body, so if you’re looking to burn fat and tone muscle, yoga’s a good place to start doing your routine.
  5. Light run on the treadmill or a brisk walk when heading outside in winter to get some fresh air.
  6. Bouncing on an exercise ball will give excellent results if done regularly. You can use this exercise ball for all varieties of bouncing exercises such as jumping jacks, push-ups, lunges, etc. It creates resistance, thus burning calories and increasing the heart rate.

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