April 23, 2024
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Personal hygiene tips to keep in mind while travelling

Summer is upon us and our travel plans are ready. While everything is ticked off the list and we are ready to go, here’s how we can take care of our personal hygiene when we are on the go.

1. Skin hygiene – Perineal skin and the open area near the groin can get chafed by sweat and give rise to fungal infection. Dusting powder may help to prevent skin infections at a bay. Facial-Skin can become dry, so it’s good to have skin moisturiser, particularly for facial skin. Using the correct SPF sunscreen will prevent sunburns.

2. Intimate hygiene – The need to use not-so-clean public toilets can make you vulnerable to urine infections. It is important to drink plenty of fluids and avoid holding urine for a very long time. Use anti-bacterial baby wipes to clean toilet seats or use sprays to disinfect seats. Always clean the area before and after urinating. Wear cotton underwear and loose-fitting clothes while travelling.

3. Care during menstruation – If it’s planned travel then you can change the timing of periods with the help of your gynaecologist in advance. It’s important to carry menstrual pads or tampons or cups along with waste-disposal bags or zip-lock bags. It may be a good idea to have some painkillers for painful periods.

4. Sexual care – It’s important to continue your regular method of contraception during travel to prevent unplanned pregnancies. It’s essential to have access to the use of the barrier method or condom as well to prevent sexually transmitted infections, particularly with a new partner. Always pass urine immediately after intercourse to prevent urine infections.

5. Mouth and general body Hygiene – Bad breaths can be avoided by using anti-bacterial mouthwash and regular brushing. Body deodorants and anti-perspirants prevent bad body odours.

6. Double facial masking – We aren’t a covid free world as yet. While we do hear of the rising cases, wearing a double cloth or combination of N-95 or surgical masks and cloth mask is the basic requirement to protect from COVID-19 infections while travelling.

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