February 27, 2024
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Yoga Asanas For Kids: 4 Yoga Asanas Kids Can Try at Home This Winter Season

Yoga Asana For Kids: Children need movement to explore all the dimensions in which their bodies can move.

Yoga Asana For Kids: Winter calls for indoor activities and heavy food. The kids are the most affected in winters, as their activities reduce to indoor activities. In growing ages, the body needs sunlight to help develop immunity. Children need movement to explore all the dimensions in which their body can move. The body needs energy for performing the most essential functions like digestion, respiration and reproduction. As children have a conscious awareness of the first two, decreased activity leads to an impact on their growth and immunity. This is a perfect opportunity to bring yoga into your kid’s life.

Rajesh Singh Maan, a Spiritual Yoga Guru and Sacred Sciences Teacher, popularly known as Acharya Advait Yogbhushan, founder of Swamarpan Foundation and a Himalayan Yogi Institutes suggests that yoga practices are best to be started from an early age. As, a child’s body and mind is flexible as water and they can adapt themselves in any condition, hence they shall be introduced to life enhancing routines. Yoga is the most necessary subject that is missing from schools. A Himalayan yogi institutes is aiming to create winter and summer schools that will teach children Yoga and artforms that will enable kids to practice consciousness from the early age. These practices will keep children away from stress and chronic disorders for their whole life.

1. Malasana

This asana is performed by standing feet hip width apart in namaskar position, the practitioner then sits down in a squatting position as though the knees are being pushed by elbows. It stimulates the abdominal muscles and keeps the digestive system happy.

2. Ardha Matsyendrasana

It is a twisting asana. To get in this posture the practitioner sits with his legs stretched outwards. One leg is folded from knee to hip and the other leg is folded and kept across the first leg, where the ankle touches the hip. This asana works on the pancreas and regulates insulin in the body. It ensures proper flow of glucose in the entire body. A longer practice will protect the child from chronic disease like diabetes for a lifetime.

3. Ek Padangushtanasana

This asana is great for keeping the child’s body in its proper alignment. To practice, the practitioner stands legs hip width apart and holds the thumb of the right foot with right hand -stretching it in front till it forms a 90 degree angle from both legs. This asana is great for kids as their flexible bodies can easily perform this asana keeping their body always aware of all the six dimensions existing around them, where their body can move. It teaches their mind the freedom of possibilities existing around them, which develops better decision making skills in children.

4. Parvatasana

This asana is also known as mountain posture. To perform this asana, the practitioner gets on all fours and straightens the knees getting on feet. The body appears like a mountain from the side. This asana strengthens the arms and legs muscles. It also tones the spinal nerves and ensures proper flow of blood from the spinal column. It is great for children as regular practice of Parvatasana will strengthen their limbs contributing to structure formation.

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