April 23, 2024
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Celebrity fitness tips that are useful for everyone

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just starting out on your exercise journey, technique is key if you want to achieve your goals. And who better to offer expert exercise advice than a host of celebs who have made keeping in shape a priority to support their success?

Although often, celebrity fitness regimes seem so far-fetched that their irrelevant to mere mortals (we’re talking about the 3am workout or hours spent in the gym every day), many famous faces have surprisingly useful tips. Here are our favourites…

Celebrity fitness tips


Lockdown fitness guru Joe Wicks is the go-to guy for health advice for so many of us. But it’s not all about working out, it’s about a whole life approach. ‘People underestimate the impact of lack of sleep,’ Joe told The Guardian. ‘Not only will the intensity of your workouts suffer, but you are likely to crave sugary foods the next day. My top tips for deep sleep are to switch off your laptop and mobile at least 30 minutes before bed and leave them in another room. Ditch the bedroom TV; listen to music instead. Get a comfortable eye mask. It takes getting used to, but trust me, it will allow you to sleep deeper and longer.’

Joe also encourages a healthy relationship with food. So no fad diets or ruling anything out. He says: ‘Eating too many [carbs] causes you to store fat, but they’re great for fuelling and recovering from workouts. Eat carbs such as sweet potato or jasmine rice within one hour of your workout. Cut down on them on rest days when you don’t need the extra fuel.’


Ever wondered how Jennifer Aniston stays so toned? She takes her weights with her everywhere. ‘I take eight-pound weights with me whenever I’m staying in a hotel,’ she says. ‘It’s always good to do arm exercises when you’re watching television or talking on the phone. I also love to stretch before I go to bed, and usually throw in a couple of sit-ups.’


Keeping in shape for someone like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is part of everyday life, but how does he keep up the regime when he’s busy filming? He says it’s all about planning: ‘The key to my training is efficiency — I do a lot of circuit training and supersets. One to two body parts a day,’ he recently told Muscle and Fitness magazine.

Looking for a super-efficient workout? Lucy Wyndham-Read – ex-army corporal turned fitness trainer – is best known for her workout videos on Youtube – managed to rack up an impressive 75 million views of her most popular video of all – a 7 minute home workout that aims to help you lose belly fat.


Exercising outdoors boosts endorphins and can boost your natural vitamin D levels when done regularly. Kate Hudson is a big fan. In an interview with Shape magazine, Kate said: ‘I grew up in Colorado and was always outside. I still am, even when I’m in the city. If I’m in Amsterdam, I get on a bike, ride everywhere, and really see the place. I love that freedom, which you can’t get in a car. In New York City, if I’m staying downtown and have a meeting uptown, I’ll put on my earphones, listen to great music, and just walk.’


Choosing the right tunes to exercise to can maximise performance and burn, just ask Beyoncé! When she was interviewed by Shape, she said: ‘I’ll put on a song that I really like and I’ll do [bicep curls with] five-pound weights for the duration of the song and just try to burn out.’


While emphasis lays with how we workout, we also need to consider what we do after, and just as important as eating the right things is winding down the right way.

Boxer Anthony Joshua commits time after every workout to massage and relax his muscles, and is such a firm believer in the power of massage guns he has even designed his own! The AJ Ignite range by Pulseroll is a limited edition line of sports massage guns tried and tested by Olympians and top tier athletes, and count the British gymnastics team, celebs such as Marvin Humes and Mollie King, and Strictly Come Dancing professionals Janette Manrara and Luba Mushtuk as fans.

AJ told YOU: ‘I’ve been using Pulseroll products every day for almost five years now – they are key to my preparation and recovery routine which helps improve my overall performance. When you train or work out, recovery is crucial at all levels, not just for professional athletes.’

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