May 23, 2024
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5 Meditation Tips for Teenagers to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Among all age groups, teenage is the period of various conflicts and stress.

The present-day teenagers are more stressed, anxious, depressed and paranoid than ever.

In fact, the studies find that the average teenager today has the same level of anxiety as a psychiatric patient in the 1950s.

Today’s teenagers are worried about studies, examinations, friends, relationships and career. Many teen girls and boys face many emotional and mental challenges during transition from school to college.

From depression and bullying to expectations and responsibilities, the teenagers experience mental pressure from various aspects.

Approximately 45% of teenagers claim they feel stressed all the time. (Source: Globe News Wire)

On top of it, many stressed-out teenagers are turning to bad habits to deal with their overwhelming feelings.

Overeating, endless phone usage, social media addiction, alcohol consumption and smoking are just a few of the unhealthy habits teens are relying on to deal with stress.

According to the teenage stress statistics, 10.79% of teens seek comfort in alcohol.

So, it’s imperative to teach your teen a variety of healthy stress management strategies, including meditation for immediate stress relief.

Mediation can help the teens stay grounded when everything around them seems spiralling out of control.

It helps them to calm down, reduce anxiety, improve concentration, control emotions and enhance sleep quality, among others.

In the need of the moment, we bring you some meditation techniques that can help your teen manage stress.

5 Quick and Easy Meditation Techniques for Teens

The following techniques can provide physical and emotional benefits to your teens:

1) Counting to 10

Whenever you find your teen is thinking about something too much or for too long, ask them to slowly count from 1 to 10 while taking deep breaths. Encourage them to repeat the counting until they feel free from all the negative thoughts. This meditation technique will help them to tackle unwanted thoughts that often stagnate in their head.

2) Reverse Counting

Reverse or backward counting is a more sophisticated technique that is excellent to improve concentration and reduce muscular tensions. Ask your teen to count from 100 to 1 with more concentration and dedication to reach 1.

It relieves them from stress related health issues like tension headaches, jaw tension, neck/shoulder pain, low back pain and sleep disturbance.

3) Control Racing Thoughts

Racing thoughts implying fast, repetitive thought patterns about a particular topic are common for teens during anxious or stressed time.

Ask your teen to sit in a relaxed position and count the number of thoughts flowing through their mind for a few minutes. They can use beads, balls or seeds to count their thoughts.

With little practice, you can considerably reduce the number of thoughts flowing through your mind.

4) Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is one of the simplest and effective meditation techniques to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

When teens are in anxious state, they often take shallow and rapid breaths, which leads to increased heart rate and additional stress.

When they are feeling anxious, ask them to close their eyes, sit straight and take deep slow breaths. Teach them to listen or feel their breath from nose to deep down and exhale slowly after few seconds.

Just a few deep breaths can instantly calm the mind and help reduce stress.

5) Silent Walking

According to a study, 2 minutes of silence relieves tension in the body and brain and is more relaxing than listening to music.

Ask your teen to practice walking in silence at a park or beach and feel each step while observing the surroundings.

Silent walking is an excellent way to enhance listening ability and concentration.

In Conclusion: There are several meditation techniques and you can choose them as per your teen’s convenience and needs. But only with regular practice, these techniques can greatly help your teen reduce stress.

Meditation Apps are a great way to help your teen to commit to a regularly practice and maintain a mindfulness regimen.

The meditation apps will help your teen with step-by-step meditation strategies, everyday reminders and meditation tutorials.

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